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martes, 18 de enero de 2011

CD Review: The Rongetz Foundation - Broken Doll Beat

CD Review: The Rongetz Foundation - Broken Doll Beat

Year: 2010

Record Label: Independent

Style: Soul / Funk Jazz

Musicians: Stephane Ronget (trumpet), Saunders Sermons (vocals), David Schnitter (tenor sax), Orlando Vega (percussions), Jerome Jennings (drums), Chris Smith (bass), Jeremy Brun (piano, rhodes), Carlos Jimenez (flute)

Broken Doll Beat is the second album from The Rongetz Foundation, a music project of composer, arranger and trumpet player Stephane Ronget. Almost all the musicians changed for this album, except Stephane and Jeremy Brun on piano and rhodes. Stephane reunited a group of excellent musicians. David Schnitter on sax, Carlos Jimenez on flute and Jeremy on piano, all of them playing highly energetic improvisations. The solo ideas flow effortless from each of these amazing musicians challenging each other in every improvisation.

The rhythm section is equally good with Jerome Jennings on drums, Chris Smith on bass and Orlando Vega on percussions, providing the latin flavor, especially on the pieces Congas in Action and Mischievous Samba. And Saunders Sermons sings on four tracks, Broken Doll, Firefly Groove, Zap Carnivorous and Simone. On this last one, a waltz like piece harmonically reminiscent of John Coltrane version of My Favorite Things, Saunders vocals and Carlos Jimenez on flute harmonize and play around each other melodies.

Ronget is responsible for all the compositions and arragements, a collection of mostly funk/jazz music with a latin touch. Some of the tracks like Broken Doll and Bulgarian Basketball follow a similar pattern, with an intro of harmonized melodies played on sax, flute and trumpet followed by improvisations and back to the harmonized melodies.

Tracks: Broken Doll, Bulgarian Basketball, Congas in Action, Doudtful Phoenix, Firefly Groove, Mischievious Samba, Simone, Zap Carnivorous

Artist's Website: http://www.myspace.com/rongetz

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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