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martes, 18 de enero de 2011

CD Review: Mark Costa - Textures

CD Review: Mark Costa - Textures

Musicians: Mark Costa (bass), James Muller (guitar), Bill Risby (piano, synths),Gordon Rytmeister (drums), Tony Azzopardi (percussion)

Australia is a land of beautiful sights, kangaroos, and even some great rock bands like AC/DC, Inxs and Men at Work. But Jazz is not the first word that comes to mind when talking about Australia. Sydney native bassist Mark Costa might change that perception with his album Textures.

Textures is a collection of interesting compositions in a Jazz Fusion tradition. All compositions are originals by Mark Costa and like all good jazz music, Mark leave a lot of space to improvisations. Dedication, the first track with good electric guitar solos by James Muller feels like 70's progressive rock.

Textures has a more jazzy feeling with Bill Risby on piano playing most of the melodies. Muller goes for a cleaner tone on the electric guitar on the Jazz Fusion track End Games, this one reminds me of the music of pianist Hiromi Uehara. On Hidden Game, after a nice piano intro Mark lays down the groove for a cool exchange of melodies improvisations between piano and guitar.

Stand and Deliver has some interesting tempo changes from funk to jazz rhythms. Mark does a superb bass solo and Bill on synths acentuate that 70's Jazz Fusion feel. The music on White Sands is reminiscent of Pat Metheny, another great Jazz Fusion musician. Pendulum has a more traditional Jazz, kind of a Bebop feel to it. Showing that good musicians like Mark and friends can play any Jazz style. The CD ends up with the beautiful ballad A Father's Love.

Tracks: Dedication, Textures, End Game, Hidden Gem, Stand and Deliver, White Sands, Pendulum, A Father's Love

Artist's Website: http://www.markcosta.com.au

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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