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martes, 18 de enero de 2011

CD Review: Fidel Morales & Proyecto Nega - Salsa Son Timba

CD Review: Fidel Morales & Proyecto Nega - Salsa Son Timba

Year: Reissued in 2010 - Originally Released in 2005

Record Label: Universal Music Latino

Style: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk

Musicians: Fidel Morales (drums, timbal), Tony Rodriguez (piano), Roberto Riveron (bass), Manolito Simonet (tres), Adel Gonzalez (congas), Yaroldi Abreu (percussion), Alexander Abreu (trumpet), German Velasco (sax), Amaury Perez (trombone), Adel Gonzalez (congas), Yusef Diaz (synthesizer), Amadito Valdes (timbal), Angel Bonne, Tirso Duarte, Pedrito Calvo, Jose Luis Borges, Sixto "El Indio" Llorente, Tania Pantoja, Juan Carlos Hechavarrria, Teresa Cturla (lead vocals),Ernesto Bacallao, Lazaro Dagoberto Gonzalez, Alexander Diaz, Barbara Zamora, Enrique Perez Prieto (background vocals),

Drummer/percussionist/composer/arranger and musical director Fidel Morales re-releasing of his 2005 masterpiece album Salsa Son Timba is a good news for all salsa and cuban music fans. Fidel recorded this album in Cuba with some of the best musicians from this caribbean island, including timbal player legend Amadito Valdes.

Besides being a master drummer and percussionist, Fidel is a creative arranger and composer. Fidel wrote or co-wrote five of the eight songs on this album, each one with inventive arrangements, mixing the old and new school styles of cuban music. The music on songs like "Atrevete", "Remedio" and "Yo sere para ti" falls more into a romantic salsa category. In contrast, songs like "Mamina" and "Salsa Son Timba" have the more classic sound of the Cuban Son.

The album also includes excellent versions of cuban classics like "Pare cochero" and Luis Rios "Que manera de quererte", a song most people recognize in the voice of salsa puertorrican singer Gilberto Santarrosa. El Chan Chan, an homage to Compay Segundo, is another prove of Fidel creative arrangentments, mixing Hip hop, Son and Jazz. Listen how much better Hip hop sounds when it's done with real instruments.

Every song on the album have a different, extremely talented singer, everyone of them providing great "soneos" (improvisations done by the singers between the choruses). But Teresa "Tete" Cartula deserve a special mention with her fabulous voice and style reminiscent of great female voices of Cuba like Omara Portuondo.

This are danceable rhythms, played here with the "afinque" required for this kind of music. Afinque is the cohesiveness of the musicians, especially the rhythm section, necessary for any kind of music, but even more essential when playing afrocuban music.

Good cuban music played the way is supposed to be played; that is what Salsa Son Timba is all about.

Tracks: Intro, Que manera de quererte, Yo sere para ti, El Chan Chan, Pare cochero, Atrevete, Remedio de amor, Mamina, Salsa Son Timba

Record Label Website: http://www.universalmusica.com

Artist's Website: http://www.fidelmorales.com/

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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