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lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

John Stein & Ron Gill - Turn up the quiet

Featured Artist: John Stein & Ron Gill

CD Cover
CD Title: Turn up the quiet

Year: 2009

Record Label: whaling city sound

Style: Jazz Vocals

Musicians: John Stein (guitar), Ron Gill (vocals), Gilad Barkan (piano)

Review: Turn up the quiet is a collection of romantic songs beautifully interpreted by guitarrist John Stein and vocalist Ron Gill. The subtlety of John guitar playing provides the perfect background to Ron sensitive interpretations. There is also a coolness in Ron Gill phrasing reminiscent of singers like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

On half of the songs of this album is just Ron Gill on vocals and John Stein on guitars. This fact, along with the romantic songs selection gives the album an intimate feeling. John has the task of playing the harmonies, keep the tempo and fill the spaces between Ron Gill vocals. On Weaver of dreams, Our love will see us through, and So this is love Ron and John manage to swing with just voice and guitar.

On Detour Ahead, Something in your smile, Gentle Rain and Wonder why, John switch to the bass and Gilad Barkan plays the piano, creating a trio. John now keeps the swinging groove on bass and Gilad plays some nice piano solos on My flaming heart and Wonder why.

This is an album dedicated to love and romance. A line from one of the songs sum up the feeling of this CD, “turn up the quiet, love wants to dance”.

Tracks: A weaver of dreams, Be my all, Detour ahead, My flaming heart, Love Dance, Our love will see us through, If it's magic/Too shy to say, Something in your smile/I'll be easy to find, So this is love, In a sentimental mood, Gentle Rain, My foolish heart, When I fall in love, Wonder why

Artist's Website: http://www.whalingcitysound.com

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Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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