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jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

CD Review of Larry Franco - A crooner in the land of Dixie Jazz Society

Featured Artist: Larry Franco

CD Cover - Link to Artist's Site CD Title: A crooner in the Land of Dixie Jazz Society

Year: 2008

Record Label: Philology

Style: Traditional / New Orleans

Musicians: Larry Franco (vocals), Michael Supnick (trumpet, trombone), Bepi D’Amato (clarinet), Michele Carrabba (tenor sax), Renzo Bagorda (banjo), Ilario De Marinis (bass), Enzo Lanzo (drums), Giacomo Desiante (accordion)

Review: Crooner is a singer that sings popular songs in a soft, sentimental manner. On Larry Franco other projects like his album 3 for Nat, one might call him a crooner, but on this CD Larry leads a group of fantastic musicians through an album full of energetic and fun music, Dixieland music. These guys can really swing and their amazing improvisations will remind you of jazz pioneers like Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong.

Dixieland Jazz was one of the earlier jazz styles played in New Orleans. It is rare to hear this kind of music even on jazz radio stations, unless you live in New Orleans. In fact, listening to this album you’ll swear this is a New Orleans band. All the characteristics that distinguish Dixieland jazz are there. The clarinet playing those high notes counter melodies dancing around the trumpet melody, the trombone playing the long notes, the breaks and stops and the polyphonic collective improvisations.

However, what makes this album unique is the fact that the musicians are Italians. Larry Franco on vocals, Michael Supnick on trumpet and trombone, Bepi D’Amato on clarinet, Michele Carrabba on tenor sax, Renzo Bagorda on banjo, Ilario De Marinis on bass, Enzo Lanzo on drums and Giacomo Desiante on accordion. But that is not all, most of the lyrics are written in Italian. So here's an chance to listen to good classic jazz music and learn a new language.

Tracks: Non Sparate Sul Pianista, Caro Natalino, Oh Baby Kiss Me, Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans, In Cerca Di Te, Marilu, China Boy, Boccuccia Di Rosa, Permettete Signorina, Ho Un Sassolino Nella Scarpa, The Sheik of Araby

Artist's Website: http://www.larryfranco.eu/

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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