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jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

CD Review: Larry Franco - 3 for Nat

Featured Artist: Larry Franco

CD Cover - Link to Artist's Site CD Title: 3 for Nat

Year: 2009

Record Label: Philology

Style: Straight-Ahead / Classic

Musicians: Larry Franco (vocals), Guido Di Leone (guitar), Ilario De Marinis (bass)

Review: Larry Franco 3 for Nat is a tribute to one of the best jazz singers, the great Nat King Cole. Before he was a famous ballad singer, Nat led one of best jazz trios and recorded songs like Route 66 and Straighten up and fly right, that later became jazz classics.

This CD was recorded live, so if you don’t mind the people clapping you will enjoy great interpretations of some of the best Nat King Cole songs. This is a drumless trio, just like the Nat King Cole Trio, Larry Franco on piano and vocals, Guido Di Leone on guitar, Ilario De Marinis on bass.

Ilario have the responsibility of keeping the swinging groove but also improvise some good bass solos on I’ve got the world on a string and Route 66. Larry soft touch and elegant phrasing both on piano and vocals goes along perfectly with Guido instinctive, flawless improvisations on guitar.

These guys are from Italy, so even though Larry sings most of the songs in English, there are some songs with Italian lyrics on this album, like Capuccina Permettete Signorina, Four Brothers and Nat King Cole. Four Brothers includes fabulous scats by Larry Franco and Nat King Cole lyrics are of course an homage to the gentle man himself. 3 for Nat also includes classy versions of Sweet Lorraine, It’s only paper moon, Straighten up and fly right, I’m in the mood for love and Charlie Parker Yardbird Suite.

Tracks: I've got the world on a string, Route 66, Nat King Cole, Capuccina Permettete Signorina, Sweet Lorraine, Four Brothers, It's only paper moon, Yardbird Suite, I'm in the mood for love, Straighten up and fly right, Orange colored sky, Unforgettable

Artist's Website: http://www.larryfranco.it/

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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