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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

CD Review: Vistas do Rio - A Brazilian Jazz Project

CD Title: Vistas do Rio - A Brazilian Jazz Project

Original cover art "Tribute to Rio de Janeiro" by Aurea Domenech

Style: Brazilian Jazz

Musicians: Pierre François (piano), Daniel Lessard, Dave Watts (bass), Isaiah Ceccarelli, Martin Auguste (drums), Vovo (percussion)

Review: Like the cd tittle suggest, the music on Vistas do Rio is inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. And visions of Rio will come to your mind as you listen to every track on this wonderful project.

The Bossa feeling comes out in the beautiful melodies on tunes like Marta, Cris, Luz do Sol, Leah na praia and Desejo em Rio. Fabulous work by all the musicians, but Pierre François on piano deserve a special mention. His piano playing is clear and graceful with dynamic and expressive solos.

Good energy on drums, bass and percussion on the infectious samba rhythms of Rio Samba, Tova and For RM, dedicated to the great Roberto Menescal.

For a more romantic feeling, listen to Patricinha, Florita and A Tarde Sonhadora. Perfect music to listen while drinking a caipirinha at any of the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Classy music to relax and enjoy. All compositions by Richard Karmel. rikarmel@sympatico.ca

Tracks: Marta, For RM, Cris, Luz do Sol, A Tarde Sonhadora, Rio Samba, Patricinha, Tova, Flower Child, Florita, Leah na Praia, Desejo em Rio

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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