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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

CD Review: Carlos Jimenez - El Flautista

Featured Artist: Carlos Jimenez

CD Title: El Flautista

Year: 2006

Record Label: CJ Martinete Music Co. - BMI

Style: Latin Jazz

Musicians: Carlos Jimenez (Flute), Gregg August (Bass), Guillermo Jimenez (Timbales), David Braham (Piano), Chembo Corniel (Congas, Percussion), John Walsh (Trumpet), Bobby Porcelli (Alto Sax)

Review: El Flautista was Carlos Jimenez second album, released in 2006. Check out the review for his new album Thoughts at: http://jazznbossa.ning.com/profiles/blogs/cd-review-carlos-jimenez

If you like Latin Jazz you will love the music on this CD. For those who don't know much about Latin Jazz, Salsa or Caribbean music, there is something Latin Jazz and Salsa musicians call "afinque". Sorry, don't know the translation to english or portuguese for that one. But what basically means, is "the cohesiveness of the musicians, especially in the rhythm section (bass, piano and percussion). It is similar to swing for Jazz musicians. One can feel when a Jazz Band swings and when a Latin Jazz have "afinque". And these guys have it.

Gandulero, the first track, is a perfect example of what Latin Jazz is all about. Nice rhythm, full of energy and Carlos phrasing and tone on flute are amazing as always. Duende is a slower tune with interesting melodies and rhythms. There is some influence of "Bomba" on this one. Bomba is a style of music from Puerto Rico. It comes out of the musical traditions brought by enslaved Africans in the 17th century. You may hear "Bomba rhythms" in the music of Puerto Rican artists like Ismael Rivera, Rafael Cortijo and El Gran Combo.

Back to the Latin Jazz feeling on "Did you feel it?" Beautiful piano played by David Braham. If the question in the title is "did I feel the rhythm?" , the answer is "I sure did".

The piano rhythm at the intro of " El Flautista" is also typical of Latin Jazz and Salsa music, in the style of Puerto Rico great piano players like Eddie Palmieri. The addition of trumpet and sax gives this track, more fullness and richness, listen also to Getty Square.

Excellent version of Count Basie Blue & Sentimental. A nice "Bolero" feeling on this arrangement and a good choice to use a Fender organ instead of a piano. Carlos proves on this one he can slow down and still play with feeling.

A different kind of rhythm on "Mongo's Style". I'm guessing the title refers to the great Cuban musician, Mongo Santamaria. And the music on "Mongo's Style" reflects the cuban side of Latin Jazz. I guess it's impossible to be a Puerto Rican flute player and not to be influenced by Dave Valentín. Carlos solos on "El Carnaval para Ray" are a good example of Dave Valentin influence on Latin Jazz musicians.

The album ends with a cool version of "For you Hilton" a composition and homage to Hilton Ruiz, one of the best piano players from Puerto Rico who died in 2006, the same year this CD came out.

Tracks: Gandulero, Duende, Did you feel it?, El Flautista, Blue & Sentimental, Getty Square, Mongo's Style, El Carnaval para Ray, For you Hilton

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Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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