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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

CD Review: The Karl Walters Jr. Trio - Can we go back where we began?

Featured Artist: The Karl Walters Jr. Trio

CD Title: Can we go back where we began?

Year: 2008

Record Label: kwjtrio

Style: Fusion

Musicians: Matt Ferry (drums), Westbrook Johnson (trombone/pedals), Keegan Schelling (bass/pedals)

Review: A trombone, bass and drums, that’s all the Karl Walters Jr. Trio needs to make challenging and interesting music. These musicians are not afraid of taking chances and experiment with time signatures, sounds effects and melodies. The Karl Walters Jr. Trio features Westbrook Johnson on trombone, Keegan Schelling on bass and Matthew Ferry on drums.

The CD starts with “Fluxura”, a powerful tune with a lot of interesting changes in tempo and a dynamic trombone playing by Westbrook Johnson. Schelling bass playing is flawless and energetic.

On the next track, “Someday I’ll Travel”, Johnson uses the trombone to make motor like sound effects simulating a road travel. Great tune for a motorcycle ride. “Believe” is a short, upbeat, festive tune that invites you to stand up and dance with lots of energy and infectious rhythms on bass and drums. The kind of music one might hear on the streets of New Orleans during the Carnaval.

“Cait’s Park/Urisaglo” is a slow tempo, hypnotic track with exotic, ambiance and echo sound effects on trombone. It has a mysterious feeling perfect for a suspense movie soundtrack.

Funky bass and drums start “Precipice of a Moment”, and then change into a slower tune with unique solos by Johnson, showcasing his mastery of the trombone.

“Eternal wait for what’s next” is another good funky tune, my only complaint is that it's too short, only 44 seconds. With graceful and accessible melodies, Westbrook trombone shines through on “Forget About” and leaves you wanting more, with yet another short track.

The distorted guitar like effects at the end of “Wait Till You See” are reminiscent of a 70’s progressive Rock band.

Mysterious bell like notes played on bass to start “Thoughts on the End of Winter” a very interesting, dark and kind of mystical tune that ends a fearless and fascinating CD.

Tracks: Fluxura, Someday I'll Travel, Believe, Cait's Park/ Urisaglo, Precipice of a Moment, Eternal Wait for what's next, Forget About, Wait Till You See, Thoughts of the end of the Winter

Record Label Website: http://www.kwjtrio.com

Artist's Website: http://www.kwjtrio.com

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Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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