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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

CD Review: Liza Lee - Anima

Featured Artist: Liza Lee

CD Title: Anima


Year: 2009

Record Label: Jazzdoll

Style: Jazz Vocals

Musicians: Liza Lee (Vocals), Bruce Barth, David Cook, Art Hirahara, Michael Kanan (Piano), David Cook (Keyboard), Pat O' Leary (Bass), Michael Petrosino, ric Halverson, Jim Clouse (Drums), Scott Robinson, Jim Clouse (Tenor Saxophone), Adam Kolker (Soprano Saxophone, Alto Flute), Scott Robinson (Bass Clarinet), Kelsey Warren, Saul Rubin (Guitar), Rubin Kodheli (Cello), Matthew Szemella (Violin), Shayna Steele (Guest Vocalist)

Review: Anima is the second CD from Jazz singer Liza Lee. After her critically acclaimed first CD Scarlet Mark, Liza suffered a stroke but now she is back with a new CD full of emotional, reflective lyrics and the support of excellent musicians.

The proceeds from Anima will be donated to The Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR), a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health of all women through research, education and advocacy (www.womenhealthresearch.org). And you can hear in Liza's voice these songs are very special for her. She puts her soul in every word and note on this CD.

Anima starts with an amazing rendition of Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson's A Thousand Kisses Deep. Liza's enchanting voice is complemented beautifully by Adam Kolker solos on Sax. The next track, Silver Dagger is a wonderful interpretation, full of feeling and flawless clarinet playing by Scott Robinson.

Revolving Mattress, a writing collaboration with David Cook, proves Liza is also a talented songwriter; listen also to the deep and beautiful lyrics in Lay We Down and Sorry Child.

Liza does amazing versions of Joni Mitchell's Blue, and Kate Bush Wow. But it is in Tori Amos Leather, that Liza shows her ability to turn any song into a Jazz standard. Swinging piano and vocals by David Cook and Liza Lee.

Calling You keeps on the jazzy feeling with a dynamic arrangement and powerful singing by Liza, featuring an energetic solo by Scott Robinson on Tenor Sax. Love Is All There Is and the classic Good Morning Heartache are perfect examples on how Liza reaches down deep for the emotions that provides the listeners an extraordinary experience.

But not all is serious on Anima. There is a sense of humor in Liza's music. The cheerful music and lyrics on Peggy Lee hit Is That All there Is, is a delightful way to end this successful comeback.

Tracks: A Thosand kisses deep, Revolving Mattress, Silver Dagger, Blue, Wow, Lay we down, And love is all there is, Calling you, Sorry Child, Sweet Potato, Quality Star, Leather, Good Morning Heartache, Is that all there is

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Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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