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jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

CD Review: Annie Kozuch - Here with you

Here With You
Annie KozuchFeatured Artist: Annie Kozuch

CD Title: Here with you

Year: 2010

Record Label: Independent

Style: Jazz Vocals

Musicians: Frank Ponzio (piano), Saadi Zain (bass), Vito Lesczak (drums), Samuel Torres (percussion), Richard Padron (guitar), Cecilia Tenconi (flute, sax), Jose Gallegos (electric piano)

Annie Kozuch surrounded herself with a group of great musicians for this album, but there is no doubt who is the star here. Annie is not just another beautiful voice, she is a versatile singer capable of singing in different styles and languages.

Annie sings Jobim Chega de saudade and Corcovado in perfect portuguese, and with the perfect feel for Bossa Nova.

In I love being here with you Annie vocals are powerful and playful with the addition of some exquisite scats. In I'm through with love, You've changed and Irving Berlin How deep is the ocean, the music slow down so we can appreciate Annie feeling and different voice textures.

Annie is a singer full of surprises, not only she sings in portuguese and english. She also sings perfectly in spanish, there is an explanation for that, Annie grew up in Mexico. So she must be familar with boleros like Nosotros and Armando Manzanero Somos novios. Being from Puerto Rico I also grew up listening to this kind of music. And Annie versions are as good as any other I've heard.

Here with you also includes the enjoyable jazzy arrangement of Carinhoso, one of my favorites songs from brazilian composer Pixinguinha.

Tracks: Chage de saudade, I love being here with you, How deep is the ocean, Corcovado/Quiet Nights, You've changed, I'm through with love, Nosotros, Carinhoso, You're gettin to be a habit with me, Who can I turn to, Somos novios

Artist's Website: http://www.anniekozuch.com

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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