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domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

CD Review: Jazzposteao

CD Review: Jazzposteao

Year: 2008

Record Label: Independent

Style: Latin Jazz

Musicians: Edgardo Ojeda (piano, rhodes), Ariel Robles (bass), Luis Sanchez (drums, timbales, congas), Norberto Ortiz (tenor sax), José Santiago (congas), Jafet Murguia (congas, timbales), Antonio Caraballo (guitar)

The name of this group, Jazzposteao, comes from a Puertorican food recipe, "arroz mamposteao". The message behind the name is that, like in any good recipe the ingredients in music have to be mixed and cooked perfectly to achieve the desired results, and that is exactly what the musicians of Jazzposteao did on this album. The music of Jazzposteao is an exquisite fusion of flavors; jazz, latin jazz, Puertorican folk music and even rock.

One essential ingredient to create good music is of course, good musicians. Jazzposteao is a trio of talented musicians Edgardo Ojeda on piano, Ariel Robles on bass and Luis Sánchez on drums, accompanied by equally impressive musical guests, guitarrist Antonio Caraballo, Saxophonist Norberto Ortiz and percussionists José E. Santiago and Jafet Murguia.

Pianist Edgardo Ojeda, plays with a superb sense of timing, harmonic and melodic structure that creates a good balance in his improvisations. Bassist Ariel Robles and drummer Luis Sánchez provide an excellent rhythm background to Ojeda's melodies.

Jazzposteao arrangements are ingenious and challenging, yet their sound is very accesible to non jazz listeners. The latin jazz arrangement of Coldplay's "Clocks" and the jazz arrangement of Ennio Morricone's Cinema Paradiso Love Theme are two of the hightlights of the album.

On "Gira", a composition of guitarrist Antonio Caraballo, the groove constantly changes between latin jazz and straight ahead. On Ariel Robles' "La Boya" Norberto Ortiz on sax and Antonio Caraballo on guitar exchange solos over Puertorican Bomba rhythms.

Norberto Ortiz, one of the best sax players from Puerto Rico, plays some good improvisations over the intense latin rhythms of "Jazposteao". The album also includes wonderful renditions of three Puertorican classics. The beautiful melodies of Felipe Rosario Goyco "Madrigal", the contagious rhythms of Eddie Palmieri's "Puerto Rico" and Rafael Hernandez "Cumbanchero".

Tracks: Looking up, Gira, Madrigal, Jazzposteao, Clocks, La Boya, Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme), First Sight, Cumbanchero, Puerto Rico

Artist's Website: www.myspace.com/jazzposteao
Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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