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domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

CD Review: Lawrence Lebo - Don't call her Larry

Featured Artist: Lawrence Lebo

CD Title: Don't Call Her Larry, Volume 3 American Roots

Year: 2010

Record Label: On the Air Records

Style: Jazz Vocals

Musicians: Lawrence Lebo (vocals), Denny Croy (bass), Rick Cunha (guitar), Nicholas Kirgo (guitar, dobro) Tony Mandracchia (guitar), Phil Parlapiano (accordion), Steve Mugalian (drums), Larry David (piano), Mike Acosta (sax), David Strother (violin), Craig Fundyga (vibes)

Review: Lawrence Lebo new CD is a collection of mostly original songs that takes you through the roots of American music, blues, jazz and folk. Add to that Lawrence voice tone, reminiscent of the classic blues and jazz singers. I guess that is why this album is called American Roots.

On bluesy songs like On Time, Lawrence delivers the lyrics with the right feeling and attitude. The danceable Cowboy Swinging Boogie Woogie takes the listener back to the swing era with a fun, well played arrangement and playful Lawrence vocals.

It’s not the first time is a jazz tune with a touch of Broadway on the arrangement and especially on Lawrence powerful vocals. Denny Croy bass and Lawrence voice is all that is needed to swing on this one and on the tune Was that love.

It is impressive how these new singers can move easily and convincingly between music styles. Take for example Rose Rose , a folk almost country tune, beautifully interpreted by Lawrence. Nicholas Kirgo cool dobro playing gives this tune kind of a nostalgic feel.

Lawrence’s working blues and Walking the back streets had a classic blues feeling with Phil Parlapiano joining on the accordion.

Six out of the nine wonderful songs on this album are Lebo originals, including the dreamy music and vocals on A promise that I can keep.

Tracks: On time, Cowboy Swinging Boogie Woogie, It's not the first time, Rose Rose, Lawrence's Working Blues, Was that Love, Walking the back streets, I should care, A promise that I can keep

Artist's Website: http://www.lawrencelebo.com

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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