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miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

CD Review: Chris Graham Trio - After Birth of Cool

Featured Artist: Chris Graham Trio

CD Title: After Birth of Cool

Year: 2010

Record Label: Independent

Style: Straight-Ahead / Classic

Musicians: Chris Graham (vibraphone), Alex Austin (bass), Oliver Hunt (drums)

Review: The vibraphone is not the first instrument people think about when talking about Jazz music. But the history of jazz is full with great vibraphonists, legends like Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson. More recently musicians like Gary Burton and Dave Samuels. And in latin jazz, of course, Cal Tjader and Tito Puente.

Chris Graham is a young vibraphonist following in the steps of those great musicians. Chris has developed a technique where he grips five mallets, creating music rich in harmonies and interesting melodies.

Chris melodies and improvisations are always elegant like in the first track 471 LB. Little Girl or Salt ‘n Ice, a piece that starts with a cool, calm mood before moving into full swing. Alex Austin on bass and Oliver Hunt on drums provide the rhythmic energy to Chris flawless, graceful melodies, especially in the tracks Punchin Trout, Sirabhorn, Our Time and Icarus.

The music on this CD varies from the more traditional swinging of the track 1957, a piece reminiscent of the Modern Jazz Quartet, to the modern sounds of Sirabhorn. With his impressive technique and good compositions Chris Graham is for sure a true heir to carry on the tradition of the vibraphone in jazz music.

Tracks: 471 LB. Little Girl, Punchin Trout, 1957, Sirabhorn, Our Time, Icarus, Salt ‘n Ice

Artist's Website: http://www.chrisgrahamjazz.com

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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