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miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2018

CD Review Andrea Brachfeld - If not now, when?

CD Review
Andrea Brachfeld - If not now, when?

To play alongside latin Masters, Dave Valentin, and Ray Barretto, a musician must be really good and have an extense knowledge of the latin music language. Flutist Andrea Brachfeld is one of those rare  jazz musicians who feels equally comfortable and is just as good playing either traditional jazz or latin jazz. 

If not now, when? the new Andrea Brachfeld album, a collection of mostly original jazz compositions, wonderfully played by Andrea an company; bassist Harvie S., pianist Bill O' Connell and drummer Jason Tiemann.

The album starts with the hard swinging piece The Listening Song. Harvie S. and Jason Tiemann provide the swing to the impressive trading solos by Bill O'Connell and the Andrea Brachfeld.

The quartet keeps on swinging on Steppin'. O'Connell play mostly chords on this one, leaving more space for Andrea and Harvie improvisations. Creating Space is precisely the tittle of the next piece, a slow, elegant composition where the quartet filled the spaces with pretty notes and melodies.

The piano and flute of Bill and Andrea shine once again with wonderful improvisations in the moderate tempo The Silence. 

In a recording full of musical gems, Anima Mea is one of the brightest. Anima Mea feels more personal and instrospective, and the beauty of Andrea's tone can be appreciated more on this piece.

Movers & Shakers finds the quartet in full swing once again. This one is a drummer Master Class by Tiemann, constantly changing rhythms and taking the piece to a whole new level.

Deeply I Live feels like two compositions in one, starting in a slower tempo part where the flute of Andrea shines with her endless flow of ideas. The second part is more uptempo, with pianist Bill O'Connell and bassist Harvie S. taking over before it gets back to the original theme.

The swing, changing tempos and optimistic feel of Moving Forward is the perfect contrast to the next piece, the beautiful ballad The Opening.

If not now, when? ends with Andrea flawless improvisations and powerful interpretation by the quartet in the a gorgeous rendition of the classic Amazing Grace.  

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