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domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Featured Artist: Ava Lemert

CD Title: From My Soul

Year: 2009

Record Label: Ava Lemert Music

Style: Smooth Jazz

Musicians: Ava Lemert (vocals, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Cam Perridge (guitar), Blyss (bass), Dante Roberson (drums), Derrick Hall (keyboards), James Davis (guitar)

Review: There is no doubt the music on this album comes from Ava Lemert soul. Ava did all the vocals, plays alto and tenor saxophones and wrote most of the music and lyrics.

Almost all the music on From my Soul can be classified as smooth jazz with touches of funk. Ava singing style can be sexy on songs like You know you got it, Kiss you and Nothing looks the same in the night and soulful on songs like Won't be your plaything. You got something coming to you and Won't be your plaything are the only two tracks where Ava does not play the sax.

Ava Lemert shows she can really play the sax on I wanna funk it up and That 70's girl, funky tracks reminiscent of Candy Dulfer music. Ava plays both alto and tenor sax on most of the tracks, creating some wonderful harmonies.

On Soft and Silky, one may also appreciate Ava nice tone and phrasing on sax. Rhodelea is one of the two instrumental tracks on this album, the first one I had the opportunity to listen to and still one of my favorites. The reason for that is maybe my personal preference for instrumental music, but another reason maybe that Rhodelea was recorded with real instruments, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and of course Ava playing sax.

Ava Lemert From My Soul is a nice album for Smooth Jazz and Funk fans.

Tracks: You Know You Got It, I Wanna Funk It Up, Rhodelea, Won't Be Your Plaything, That 70's Girl, Nothing Looks The Same In The Night, Soft And Silky, You Got Something Coming To You, Kiss You

Record Label Website: http://www.avalemert.com

Artist's Website: http://www.avalemert.com

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Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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