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domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

CD Review: La Forja - Con Aroma de Romero

Featured Artist: La Forja

CD Cover

CD Title: Con Aroma de Romero

Year: 2007

Style: Jazz / Flamenco

Musicians: Naty Lomas (Vocals), Daniel Rivadeneyra, Kin Santiago (guitars), Ramón Sanchez (Flute), Agustín Reina (Bass), David Chávez (Cajón), Angélica Marbella, Beatriz Torres (Palmas & Dance), Javier Guillén ( Violin)

Review: La Forja is a group of musicians with an interesting fusion of Flamenco with Jazz, Rock and other music influences. Con Aroma de Romero is an album filled with passion and amazing musicians.

The album starts with Lanzate al Vuelo. The voice and feeling of Naty Lomas and the melodic solos of Ramón Sanchez are the hightlights on this track. Supported by the flamenco rhythms of David, Daniel and "las bailaoras" (dancers) Angélica y Beatriz.

San Marcos is an instrumental piece with a wonderful display on flute and sax by Ramón Sanchez. And David Chavez once again provides the rhythmic energy playing the "cajón". Un poco más is a classic from composer Alvaro Carrillo, played beautifully here in a flamenco arrangement

La Forja version of Joaquin Rodrigo's Aranjuez is one of the best I've heard. Some more classy flute melodies by Ramón Sanchez and a subtle, perfect work on Guitars, Cajón and Bass.

Bulerias del Quijote is maybe my favorite, full of energy from the start with "las palmas" (clapping), and dance of Angélica and Beatriz. Naty's interpretation is flawless on this track based on Don Quijote.

Like the tittle suggest , Farruca por Blues is a fusion of Flamenco and Blues, this time with an additional element, the violin, that gives the music a different flavor. But the high point is Angelica dance solo. Intensity, energy, passion, are just a few words that comes to mind when one listen to a master of Flamenco dancing as good as Angelica.

A Flamenco album or show is not complete without some Sevillanas. These are the lyrics that give title to the CD. Wrote by Angélica Marbella, these lyrics proves she is as good as a songwriter.

Tracks: Lánzate al vuelo, San Marcos, Un poco más, Aranjuez, Bulería del Quijote, Farruca por Blues, Sevillanas del Romero, Casino del Mar

Reviewed by: Wilbert Sostre

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